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For an explanation of how modern communications networks and the Internet relate to the ISO seven-layer model see, for example, chapter 11 of the text "Internetworking with TCP/IP" b y Douglas E.Comer (volume 1 , fourth edition, ISBN 0201633469) and Chapter 1 of the text "TCP/IP Illustrated" by W. An example of a network device is a computer attached to a Local Area Network (LAN), wherein the network device uses hardware in a host computer to handle the Physical and Data Link layers, and uses software running on the host computer to handle the Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application layers.An apparatus for decoding and encoding network protocols and processing data, consists of a network stack (101) for receiving and transmitting packets and for encoding and decoding the packets, and a plurality of dedicated hardwired logic protocol modules (102, 103 and 104), each being optimized for a spesific network protocol, wherein the protocol modules (102, 103 and 104) execute in parallel.Gigabit Ethernet Adapter BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION TECHNICAL FIELD The invention relates to telecommunications.

The Application layer is implemented using application software that process the data once the data is passed through the network-device hardware and protocol- processing software.A software-based protocol processing implementation also requires a large amount of memory on the host computer, because data must be copied and moved as the software processes it. During normal operation of a network device, the network-device hardware extracts the data packets that are then sent to the protocol-processing software in the host computer.The high overhead required by protocol-processing software is demonstrated in U. The protocol-processing software runs on the host computer, and this host computer is not optimized for the tasks to be performed by the protocol-processing software.The network device normally implements the one Link Layer protocol in hardware, limiting the attached computer to only that particular LAN protocol. Network, Transport, and Communication protocols, along with the Data handlers, are implemented as software programs which process the data once they are passed through the network device hardware into system memory. This type of implementation is used in Disk Operating System (DOS) based machines running Microsoft Windows.The advantage to this implementation is that it allows a general purpose device such as the computer to be used in many different network setups and support any arbitrary network application that may be needed. During normal operation, once the hardware verifies the transport or link layer protocol, the resulting data packet is sent to a software layer which determines the packets frame format and strips any specific frame headers.

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