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Eto strannyi film, no menya privlekaet vse strannoe i zagadochnoe.

Pishite vse komy ne len' po adresy [email protected]; a vot moya sobachka Rem".

' I love to play pool, and a good red wine;" more pics: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_ NYSexy - Anya from New York, aka MAPUXYAHHA and AHHAIIIA; more pics _1_ _2_ _3_ Murzilka90 - Mitya iz Moskvy, "zhivu v San Jose, California, 25 let, v Amerike uzhe 9 let. Mnogoe nenavizhu." laelitta - "priatnaya devushka Lena, rodilas i zhivu v Rostove-na-Dony, prosto obajayu sistemy chatov YAHOO!

,a takje ICQ - 31073973, mechtayu poznakomitsa s kem-nibud' kto seichas zhivet v Rostove, eto prosto mechta razgovarivat' s kem-to mesac po internety, a potom vstretitsa.("ty yznaesh menya po botinkam na zelenoy v polosky platforme! Prosto baldeyu ot seriala, soundtrack'a, filma, knigi TWIN PEAKS.

Love party, but not a lot of time for this." Basil - lives in Brooklyn, NY; likes to "have fun, go outdoors, drink, dance and listen to Depeche Mode"; e-mail: [email protected]_Princess - "Gretochka s Colorado, uchus' na programista v UCCS.

Ochen' lublu katat'sya na lyzhax i xodit' v sportzal; obozhau tanzevat'.

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"; her homepage Stepnoy_Volk - Sasha, lives in Boston, originally from Moscow olik76 - Olya from New York, originally from Moscow; mechtaet byt' bankirshei :) tannchik - Tanya from New York _milashka - Olechka (Lyusik) from Kiev, currently resides in Minneapolis; once dreamt of being an actress, a singer, and a model (all at once?Now, in the right window click on User Rooms and look for any rooms that sound Russian. :o)))See you there, Graf_de_la_Fer (Volodya) KOTEHOK_X - Ira (Iriska), from Brooklin, NY, (pic2); was born in Kishinev on March 17 (she forgot what year though); sladkoezhka, prichem bez uscherba figure (!); writes poetry at times; X in her nick stands for "Xoroshaya" or "iks" (mystery); lyubimoe blyudo - pel'meni s arbuzom; her homepage bagira_ - Katya; once wanted to get rid of her b/f for 0, achieved it in November '98 __Nata Shka__ (on the left) - Natasha, lives in New Jersey, tries to be proud of it; more and more Tequilajazzz - Sveta (San Francisco, CA); was born on March 15, 1979, lived in St.One the most serious problems in the past years has been the traffic of pornographic materials involving minors, and the major web services providers have already begun to take some harsh measures against these practices. has decided to shutdown several hundreds private chat rooms working on the company's site, following the protest from the sponsors.Some of these chat rooms had allegedly been used in order to promote sex with minors. has taken this course of action after some of its most important sponsors, as for example Pepsi Co Inc., State Farm Insurance or Georgia-Pacific Corp., have decided to withdraw their ads from the site, following the reports regarding the illegal activities which were taking place in these chat rooms. spokeswoman, Mary Osako, which has refused to give any kind of details regarding a possible return of the service or the reasons behind its shutdown, has stated that the portal took this decision in order to improve the service and assure the "compliance with our terms of service".

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