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Our system also found out that uk main page’s claimed encoding is iso-8859-1.

Changing it to UTF-8 can be a good choice, as this format is commonly used for encoding all over the web and thus their visitors won’t have any troubles with symbol transcription or reading.

CSS files minification is very important to reduce a web page rendering time.

The faster CSS files can load, the earlier a page can be rendered.

Fed up with the effects that prescription pills, drug/alcohol abuse, and processed foods were having on herself and the people she loved, In 2014, While living in NYC and working as a plus-size model, Danika embarked on the Whole30 challenge during her first month as a resident in the big apple, and her life was forever transformed.

I just wrapped up an 8-month tour around the US for my Brunch Series events.

uk needs all CSS files to be minified and compressed as it can save up to 201.1 k B or 83% of the original size.

Our browser made a total of 50 requests to load all elements on the main page.

HTML content can be minified and compressed by a website’s server.

The most efficient way is to compress content using GZIP which reduces data amount travelling through the network between server and browser. It is highly recommended that content of this web page should be compressed using GZIP, as it can save up to 41.0 k B or 76% of the original size.

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  1. Otherwise, my kids and I absolutely LOVE this mod I really love this mod, and I just wanted to know if there away you can update 1.10,2 so we can have a config file to turn off block damage from the Explosive Bolts or a blacklist config over would be awesome.

  2. While their unpredictability might be the draw for eager viewers watching from home, it doesn't always work out quite so conveniently when you're trying to usher a programme (and its soon-to-be stars) into the next stages of production.