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And to stress what I just said, it does , an Administrator account.It should just be a plain-Jane user account, but give it a really strong password.After all, non-Windows devices, such as phones and tables, do not have such a setting to configure.There are actually a number of ways to get this to work.We can do this by using the DHCP service on a non-AD joined Windows Server configured with DHCP credentials, DHCP Option 015, and configured to force all leases to register into the zone whether the device has the ability to register on its own or not.The credentials allows DHCP to own the record, so in case the device leaves and returns at a later date and gets a new IP, the DHCP service can update the old host record in DNS with the new IP.In an AD domain environment, the credentials would be a plain-old AD Domain User account. Then configure DHCP to force update all records, whether the entity can register or not.For the DNS service to properly work, the DNS server itself must have its own host (A) record reregistered into the zone, as well as registered its record as an NS record in the zone’s properties.

We will start by copying the files so we have a backup remaining if anything goes wrong: 1.1 Copy the zone database files: We now need to add the key to the bind configuration and tell it what zones that we want it to allow updates on.

Examples of how to stop and start the bind service: The only way that I can think of to avoid this problem is to split your domains into two sub domains, for example lan. You could then have the DCHP server to only update the lan domain.

But I didn’t want this and I’m not going to update these files that often that it matters for me.

One way is to force the Primary DNS Suffix on your Windows workgroup computers by using a registry script (outlined later below).

However, that will only be good for your Windows computers. To register your Windows computers and non-Windows devices, an easier way to go about it is to use Windows Server DHCP to register all leases into the DNS zone.

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