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Scott goes on to talk about her relationship with Jay, how they met and how Beyonce should not be threatened by her, even though she still speaks to the rapper.

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jay-Z is battling allegations of a secret love child with Shenelle Scott (photos below), again.

This week, the father of Malik Sayeed gives an interview to U. The father tells news “at the time [he] was born, my son Malik thought he was his child, but they did DNA tests.

It’s been determined that [the child is] Jay-Z’s baby.” The father goes on claim “My understanding is that Jay-Z paying her child support.” Jay-Z has yet to comment about the allegations made by the father.

Post that, he went to George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Downtown Brooklyn. The musical film, which is written by Jay-Z himself was released in 1998.

Shawn Corey Carter attended Eli Whitney High School in Brooklyn. Jay-Z starred in his debut film Streets Is Watching.

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In the exclusive interview conducted by , Scott revealed that the Malik Sayeed was not the father although his name appeared on the certificate of birth and when asked about Jay-z being the father, she declined to answer, leaving the question up for debate.Allegations that Jay-Z had a secret love child with Shenelle Scott are nothing new. In 2007, Wendy Williams told her viewers of the allegations hitting Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.The reports first surfaced in 2007, were mentioned by Wendy Williams in spring that year, and hit the cover of Hip Hop Weekly in May of that year. The cover at the time claimed “Jay-Z’s Million dollar baby?Wife on date tumblr was here where I fitted my lieu-sharing tumlbr and started position from datf. Rumors circulating about Jay-z being unfaithful to his girlfriend Beyonce have circulated for some time now.

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