Who is meredith phillips dating when is dating official

, but his season was really all about Courtney Robertson and she was THE BEST.Memorable Moment: When the openly reviled Courtney was picked over everyone else, to the disdain of viewers and contestants everywhere.Memorable Moment: Wes Hayden's limo confessional about his having a girlfriend back home.

Memorable Moment: That time she pretended to host her own funeral.

Villian Bentley Williams once told the cameras that he'd rather go "swimming in pee" than be married to her.

She kept him around for a while (though, to her credit, never heard half the things he was saying), before finally ditching him and marrying JP Rosenbaum in 2012.

Well, she is the author of a book called universe, but I have to side with his decision to not marry Jenni Croft or De Anna Pappas, just like I agreed with Jen's. Blame Another one that I really fought myself on ranking higher.

Memorable Moment: When he decided to return as the Bachelor for Season 15! I really wanted to put Andrew, the original object of my preteen affections, in the number one spot, but, honestly, I couldn't remember much else about him besides how amazing he always looked in a hot tub, so... The former NFL player also had nice muscles, but the sheer lack of anything eventful occurring during his season kept him out of the Top 10.

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