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After some years, they again filed for divorce to end their 17 years of relationship in a mutual agreement.

He played for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini.#MCMon Labor Day #We Play All Day #He Probably Tried Me #So IHad To Roast Him #Jk He Know Im Not Slick #He Goes Hard In The Paint #Flag On The Play Sir #Pineapples Bruh #No Chill Shawtys A photo posted by Jasmine M.Juanita Vanoy is a leading businesswoman and a former model by profession.Remember when Jasmine turned lesbian a couple of years ago?Some of us couldn't understand how that happened when she was raised in a stable environment by 2 loving parents. Jasmine hopped back over the fence with the quickness once she realized how emotionally unstable some lesbians can be (I said 24/7 • 365 ?

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After the divorce, their children stayed with Juanita.

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