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You know the sort: shoulders wide enough to concuss passers-by, peak lapels sharp enough to cut glass.

Following the success of and actual Wall Street, dressing like a trader with more money than morals was decidedly in.

Rourke basically is Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, a wrestler who once played Madison Square Garden but now fights in high school gyms with a hearing aid and a dodgy ticker.

It is an astonishingly complete performance, as raw and masochistic as American cinema has seen.

The latest photo of Mickey Rourke shows a 65-year-old so distorted by the surgeon’s knife that he looks like a computergenerated image.

Strolling in Los Angeles this week with his hairdresser friend Giuseppe Franco, the actor was unrecognisable.

These aren’t gratuitous gags, but jolts of post-fame ennui that Rourke plays as deftly as the fight scenes.

Sporting suspicious silver hair and clothes more suited to a man at least four decades younger, his face was a peculiar mash-up – eyes out of alignment, sunken rubbery cheeks and pumped-up lips.

In the 1980s Mickey Rourke was the quintessential bad boy.

(1983), has a whiff of Gary Oldman: hushed, ethereal, a prophet under a bridge. Viewed now, it has a slightly dated beat cool, manna from heaven for the student dorm wall.

In expressionist black and white, Rourke (at his most handsome) whispers to Matt Dillon (at his most handsome) semi-philosophical one-liners such as, “California’s like a beautiful wild girl on heroin” and “even the most primitive society has an innate respect for the insane”..

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