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Proposition 2 expanded Medicaid eligibility to those under sixty-five years old whose income is 133 percent of the federal poverty level or below and who are not eligible for other state insurance coverage.Under the ACA, however, 5 percent of income can be excluded when calculating eligibility, which means the effective threshold is 138 percent of the federal poverty level under Proposition 2.In November 2018, voters in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah decided ballot initiatives concerning Medicaid expansion and the funding of expanded Medicaid coverage.In January, voters in Oregon approved Measure 101, thereby upholding 2017 legislation to provide funding for the state's portion of costs for expanded Medicaid coverage through a tax on healthcare insurance and the revenue of certain hospitals.Coverage for adults without children was not available under Idaho's Medicaid plan.

The measure was the first citizen initiative to implement an optional provision of Obamacare.

The Work, Not Obamacare PAC was formed as a miscellaneous committee.

Fred Birnbaum—vice president of Idaho Freedom Foundation, an organization with which the treasurer of Work, Not Obamacare PAC was associated—said that the PAC would be working to oppose Proposition 2.

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