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Step One - Make your hand into a fist, wedging your thumb against your index finger or in the crease between your index finger and middle finger. Step Two - Place the coin on top of your fist on the space between your thumb and index finger… The company might receive a credit for that work, but the specific person who types the names into the end credits won’t usually receive their own individual credit.

It’s a solid truth that reading to children and spending time with them creates a bond that can last for a lifetime. Your pet might not seem to be bothered by their gas, but if you're reading this, you probably are.

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I have been getting Jhoos dating messenger invite from friends. But this time I got curious and decided to click the “Yes” button. Instead of a sign up page it asked you to key in your email address and password!

It comes from a tradition followed by some Native American tribes.

At the end of a war, the tribes' chiefs would literally bury a hatchet as a symbolic gesture of their new peace. However, it likely predated the European settlement of the Americas, and it was seen as a solemn and important ceremony.

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According to one theory, soldiers would bite bullets during field amputations during the Civil War.

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