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[ 32 / -1] Isn’t it enough said when this couple hasn’t been dissed or insulted by anyone??

Netizens these days point out even the smallest flaws in their personalities but this couple has never been put on the spot hahahahah [ 32 /-2] To be honest, no matter how pretty or handsome the guy or the girl is, they don’t last a long time when personalities don’t match.

It was great, we went on a three-way date and I just really enjoyed it.

“I knew she had the same values and would never try to push an agenda that wasn’t what Thomas and I both wanted.

Cathy and Thomas married five years ago and now have a girlfriend, Nicole, who has joined them to become a polyamorous throuple.

The throuple have been together for over a year and say polyamory has brought “fireworks” to their relationship.

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The throuple say they do face stigma for being polyamorous, with some people questioning their ability to be parents.

“We are polyamorous and we’re fairly normal people,” Thomas said, who has a son with Cathy.

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