Virgo man dating sagittarius woman

The man-Virgo likes to feel his concern with affairs, and he does not understand the desire of the Sagittarius woman to have fun.

Also, the man-Virgo is faced with the restlessness and passion for traveling and changing places in the Sagittarius woman, which also does not cause him enthusiasm.

But, despite this, there is a huge difference in temperament and in views on life.

In this marriage, everyone looks at the outside world only from their bell tower.

These are the partners that grandmothers-neighbors like to discuss: "Why do you cook yourself a dinner (you wash your shirt, iron), and the wife goes out with her friends? And these neighbors are very difficult to explain that the Virgo man does it with great joy.

And he will gladly spend time at home and alone, because he needs a personal space and a personal time, closed to everyone, including for the closest people.

The Sagittarius woman is annoyed by the daily lectures of the Virgo man about the necessity and usefulness of labor, about prospects and real possibilities.Both in a pair should not succumb to the provocation of a partner, minimize verbal quarrels, as in moments of anger they usually do not control their statements.They should give everyone the freedom of personal space, reconcile with the existence of another opinion, learn to appreciate those qualities that are positive.But, in the pair Sagittarius-Virgo compatibility there are also positive moments.One of them is the cheerfulness of the Sagittarius woman.

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Without this, they can not do, because most of the time they spend separately.

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