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file you will see the properties are actually set the in same order tonyt describes you should do in your code. For example, I added two new comboboxes to your example application, varied the order that I set the properties in, and here is the code from the IDE generated file: // // combo Box2, from IDE assign Data Source 1st, Display Member 2nd, Value Member 3rd // this.combo Box2. So, I think we just need to resign ourselves to the fact that we should set the Data Source to null before setting either or both of the other related properties, and then set it back to a valid datasource afterwards, to avoid redundant refreshes, if for nothing else.

First, we'll create VBA code for a single column Combo Box list, and then we'll create Excel VBA code for a Combo Box with two columns.If you look at the Selected Index property after the Data Source is set to an array or collection with no null items the index is set to 0.This is probably what is at the heart of the issue.Yes, it does that when it has a Data Source, but my point was that it is not required that you set a Data Source before setting Display Member or Value Member. If you set either of those to an invalid member name, you get the error when you set the datasource.

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This article is highlighting the inconsistencies when databinding the combobox from code. It doesn't because it doesn't require a datasource to set those properties, so I really don't have the slightest idea what you're getting at, other than it being just your way of saying that you were not aware that it was possible to do what I just suggested. No, I agree with everything you said in your second post. The designer will only show the names of the available fields for the Display Member and the Value Member combos if you first populate the Data Source combo, and that this 'suggests' that the Data Source should be populated first. Data Source = this.animal Binding Source; this.combo Box3.

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