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No point in validating anything when the user decides to dismiss the dialog.On a modalless form: How do I keep controls on a form from validating (they have validating events) if a user hits the close form button?The issue is that you don't want to block it from closing.So, I think it comes down to HOW you are doing your validation.The validation events are always fired prior to the Form. If I had a Close button on the form to close the form, I would set the Causes Validation property to False and the form would exit without an error being reported.Closing event, so I can't use the Cancel property of System. I want this same behavior if the user clicks the "X" in top right hand corner. Gidon Gidon, The validating and validated events are raised when a control or form has the Causes Validation property set to true recieves focus. I'll give again a brief description of what I'm attempting to do: 1. When I shift focus to another textbox control on the form, as expected, the textbox losing focus has it's validating event fired. Now say someone entered an illegal value in this textbox and then they decide to close the form using the X button in upper right hand corner. The validating event for the textbox is fired, since the control has lost focus.If you company is not on social media, I hate to break it to you, but you are behind.Marketing is all about chasing the consumer’s attention, and with 3.4 billion social media users around the world, it’s not hard to tell where to focus is.

You can track whether validation should occur and only allow validation when you want it Or you can use manipulate the Causes Validation property on all your controls.Gidon Have you tried to handle the SC_CLOSE message in the Wnd Proc (since Wnd Proc's occur before validations)? Message m) It is not a problem anymore (bug fixed) in new release of . But problem still exists - I have assigned "Cancel" button as Cancel Button property for window which causes to close window by hitting ESC (the same effect as clicking Cancel).That might solve your problem (code snip below): -=-=-=-=- private const int SC_CLOSE = 0x F060; private const int WM_SYSCOMMAND = 0x0112; protected override void Wnd Proc(ref System. Unfortunately, ESC still causes text box validating!!! Serge T So, as best as I can tell, the validating simply does fire, and that is a good design, because it gives you the ability to prevent the app/form from closing if you have invalid data.While it may seem easy that users who follow you on Facebook or Instagram will eventually land on your site, there has to be a quicker way to get them there …inst.showprivate() # sorry not private 20 With my metaclass, private attributes are inaccessible outside native and super-native namespaces: class A(object, metaclass=privatetype): __slots__ = [' A'] __private__ = [' B'] # NOTE: __slots__ is enforced for security regardless of local definition def __new__(cls): … For some odd reason, my computer will freeze sometime while my wireless radio is on, while I'm at my apartment.

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