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The I-Xe method of dating gives the time elapsed between nucleosynthesis and the condensation of a solid object from the solar nebula (xenon being a gas, only that part of it that formed after condensation will be present inside the object).Xenon isotopes are also a powerful tool for understanding terrestrial differentiation.It is discharged to the atmosphere in small quantities by some nuclear power plants.Note: At normal atmospheric pressure, carbon does not melt when heated, it sublimes. it undergoes a phase change directly from solid to gas.They focused the sun’s rays on the diamond with a remarkable giant magnifying glass and saw the diamond burn and disappear.Lavoisier noted the overall weight of the jar was unchanged and that when it burned, the diamond had combined with oxygen to form carbon dioxide.He concluded that diamond and charcoal were made of the same element – carbon.

It has a half-life of about 9.2 hours and is the most powerful known neutron-absorbing nuclear poison (having a neutron absorption cross-section of 2 million barns).The most recently discovered allotrope of carbon is graphene, which consists of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in hexagons.If these layers were stacked upon one other, graphite would be the result. Graphene’s discovery was announced in 2004 by Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim, who used adhesive tape to detach a single layer of atoms from graphite to produce the new allotrope.Atoms of extraterrestrial noble gases helium-3 and argon-36 have been found trapped within buckyballs on Earth.The buckyballs arrived in comets or asteroids and have been discovered in rocks associated with the Permian-Triassic mass extinction 250 million years ago. A wonderful image released by Michael Ströck under the GNU Free Documentation License: The structures of eight allotropes of carbon: a) Diamond b) Graphite c) Lonsdaleite d) C60 (Buckminsterfullerene) e) C540 Fullerene f) C70 Fullerene g) Amorphous carbon h) Single-walled carbon nanotube. Harmful effects: Pure carbon has very low toxicity.

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