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Thirdly on your PS3's XMB go to movies, and say copy from my memory stick.Choose to copy your movie and submit to copy the movie to your PS3.You could also use an external hard drive, as long as it has a USB cable it will work just as well.You may also want to transfer music and photos onto your PS3 or perhaps even a downloaded save game. One of the great things about the PS3 is the fact that it supports a wide variety of files.

Then select Run from the menu in Windows and type cmd to bring up the command window.

Select all the files you want to copy to your PS3 then select copy to HDD. or use a memory stick, transfer the save across to your PC, use willowtree to edit the save then re hash calculatite it (link in youtube link) put your memory stick ack into ps3, copy save across and overwrite...

yes PSP Has No Memory but it's settings and apps, Need a Memory Stick, 1Gb Or 2Gb.

The memory that a ps3 has depends on how much GB it has in it.

For example, my ps3 which has 320 GB has a pretty good memory.

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