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After you submit the self appraisal, the system sends a message to the manager indicating that the appraisal is ready for review.If you need to make additional changes to the self appraisal after you submit it, their manager can reset the appraisal status so that you can enter changes and resubmit it.You can also attach appropriate diary entries that provide examples of performance activities.If you are not using ESS, you can still utilize the automated performance management system by performing pieces of the review process outside of the JD Edwards Enterprise One system.You can also use this feature to track personal objectives that are not related to the organization.If the organization uses only a performance appraisal that the manager creates for you, you can work with the manager to create and track the goals.The manager then schedules a meeting with you to review the appraisal and obtain feedback.

A performance self appraisal evaluates the job performance and provides historic examples of activities that you completed.

When all approvals are complete, the manager sends a message to you indicating that the appraisal is ready for the review.

You then review the appraisal, and either accept or contest it.

You can create and track personal goals as part of the performance appraisal process.

Working closely with the manager, you use the employee goals feature to create an action plan for achieving higher levels of performance.

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