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In one of my previous article, we have seen how to insert bulk data to a SQL server database in webform application.Today I am going to explain how to update bulk data (multiple rows) to a SQL Server database in webform. I like to share my working experience, research and knowledge through my site.For example, in order to both the columns `Country` and `One_or_zero` based on `ID` alone: Now assuming that you only want to alter all rows in `membership_list` that have '205G0' as the `S_ID` and 'Bob' as the `Name`, and we want to set all `Country` to unique values based on `One_or_zero`: Among other benefits, a single query for multiple updates becomes particularly useful when using server-side scripting such as PHP, as there is a significant gain of speed when compared to looping through many single queries. Here is an example script to construct the query for the first example above: $country) // whitespace appends included in example for readability $template = "UPDATE `membership_list` " . You will be given questions that you need to solve.

In order to change more than one column, more than one CASE blocks can be used. " WHERE `ID` IN (%s);" $query = sprintf($template, $str_when_then, $str_ids); // do database queries, etc., here ...This how-to can possibly ruin a database if done wrong, so make sure that you first test it using toy data (and make sure it works properly). Please feel free to point out any typos and mistakes in the comments below.This is a summary (for myself) of the solution found at Karl Rixon's page here. Values to set can be specified as constants or variables.For example, the following C code fragment prompts for a country name and a percentage change in population, then updates all cities in that country with the new population: Use cursors to select rows for update when prompting users for changes on a row-by-row basis, and displaying pre- or post-modification values between row updates.

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