Updating a playstation 3 system

When the power light is off (indicating the system is totally shut down), insert your flash drive, and then press the PS4 power button and hold it down.The unit will beep once when the system turns on, but continue holding the button until it beeps again—it takes about seven seconds.Again, this is a time when you’ll want to manually install an update.The good news is that manual installation is a breeze. wanted to play on my ps3 and it prompted it to do this update. well mine got stuck again at 99 so powered down by holding down the on/off button this time. switched the ps3 on normal without holding it down and now its gone into safe mode again and goes straight to installing update without even downloading/acknowledging the usb update. if it gets stuck again i think i might leave it overnight.downloaded it and its stuck in the installing, at 99%. pulled the plug and launched in safe mode where it goes to the install again. mind you when it was counting up to 99 there was no orange light christ sake its stuck at 99 again!!Next, you need to move the update to your flash drive.You can’t just copy it straight over, though—it has to fall into a certain file structure. Finally, copy the update file you downloaded into the UPDATE folder.

You’ll want to start with the system menu, and if that doesn’t work, move on to Safe Mode. Before you start, you’ll need a couple of things: Note: If you’ll be downloading the update file with your phone, you’ll need a flash drive that’s compatible with your handset.We have guides on how to use a flash drive with both i Phone and Android.If you have everything you need, let’s get started.Your PS4 will take a few minutes to search for the update file, and then it should tell you there’s a system update available. The PS4 will take a few seconds to copy the update file from the flash drive. When it’s finished, the PS4 will restart again, and you should be running the newest version. When that’s done, click the “Update” button to restart the system and install the update.

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if i switch it on and turn it on itll go straight to this installing update page, counting from 0, 1, 2... i might have to leave this on overnight and hope for the best. this is annoying as i left early from work today hoping to enjoy some more game time but instead wasted it on this stupid update nonsense Just so you know, turning it on and off multiple times during an update has a very high chance of soft-bricking your console, I heard many people had to restore their system (i.e wipe out all data in the console) in order for the system to update properly.

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