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Using the Up and Down buttons on your remote, select the region of your choice or Bypass for region free 6. Using your remote control, press the buttons 7 and 7, in order, one at a time 2. Press the Open/Close button on your remote control to open the disc tray 2.

Press the OK button on your remote control when presented with the region selection page1. Press the buttons 3 8 8 8 3 on your remote control (or 3 7 7 7 4)3.

Press the Mute button on your remote control when presented with the region selection page6. Scroll the cursor down to the Preferences option 3. A code should be displayed on the screen indicating the current Region setting of your unit. Press the 9 button on your remote control for Region free, or 1 for Region 1, 2 for Region 2 and so on. The firmware version will be displayed and the machine reset to its original configuration 1.

Once I manage to unlock her, I'll put her cheats here as well.

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