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After selecting Human Female, Lal returns to her quarters with Data and he attempts to teach her about aesthetics and upholstery while she recites the dictionary definitions at him.Wesley advises she go to the ship's school, like he did in one episode, but that turns out to be a disaster when the other children mock and ostracise her. After school, Lal keeps asking Data questions so he switches her off, earning the jealousy of parents everywhere.There are three more androids out there, two of which look identical to him anyway!Time Until Meeting: Lots of one-to-ones in this episode, but it's not until that Haftel, Picard and Lal sit down at a table together. Captain's Log: Despite the majority of this episode being slow-moving, meandering and repetitive, there are actually some good moments here. 3.16 The Offspring As the Enterprise is charting an asteroid belt (TO BOLDLY GO!

As it is, they don't have to wait long: when they arrive at the lab, he quickly introduces them to Lal, his new robo-child, which he built after attending a cybernetics conference. Partly because Lal is the first android to be successfully fashioned after Data, and partly because they object to Data essentially knocking together new sentient life out of spare parts found in the ship's garage.

When they ask Lal, she wants to stay, and becomes upset when pressed otherwise.

Haftal remains insistent and Picard's just threatening to take it all the way to the top when Troi, who was looking after Lal, realises she can sense genuine robo-emotions from the girl.

Having established that Data is due the full rights of any organic sentient being (something reference in this episode) the admiral just ignores the lot of that, treating him like a piece of furniture that can be shunted around.

It works in the context of the story, but if that's the case, maybe don't go acknowledging that you already had this argument once before?

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When Haftal arrives he's suitably sickened by this and announces that they're taking Lal back to the Daystrom Institute where she can grow up the same way Data did: in a controlled environment that will ill-equip him for a world where people use colloquialisms and metaphors.

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