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Jack, or Johnny by some accounts, was a 20 year old employee who had asked the previous year to be transferred from grounds crew to ranger for the ride.Rangers rode around the attraction in armored cars with tranquilizers.

There are tons of rumors of deaths and accidents being covered up, but there are several verifiable deaths relating to accidents and natural causes at the park. An employee of the Lion Country Safari Ride was killed in either 1975 or 1976.A security guard nearby got reports that someone had been "shocked" in the area, but misheard it as someone being "shot." Thus, he jumped in to pull the men out, and was also shocked.Another guest, probably after someone had gotten the information to cut the electricity, reached in and pulled the men out and CPR was started.Subsequently, the ride was shut down, and modifications were made so that it would be impossible to slide over into the other seat and out of one's harness. A thirty-four year old woman suffered a heart attack while riding the Top Gun ride in 2003. The cemetery is located between the campground and the parking area, and has graves dating back to the 1840s.Allegedly, a little blond girl wearing a blue dress is said to be buried there, and who haunts the park.

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