The dating of chinese bronze mirrors

But it was not simply the fact that mirrors had the power to gather or produce that made them objects of religious significance in ancient China; it was what they produced.

Therefore, he can triumph over things without injury. Mair 1994: 70-71) The stillness of the sage is not because stillness is said to be good and therefore he is still.They carry out these operations in order to prepare brilliant rice, brilliant torches for sacrifices, and brilliant water. The sub-commentary of Jia Gongyan 賈公彦 says the fusui is called yangsui because it starts a fire by means of the jīng 精 "spirit; essence" of the taiyang "great yang; sun". 2nd-1st century BCE) Liji "Record of Rites" is a compilation of Eastern Zhou textual materials."The Pattern of the Family" section lists idealized duties of family members.It is because the myriad things are unable to disturb his mind that he is still.When water is still, it clearly reflects whiskers and brows.

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It describes two kinds of ritual officials making the purifying "new fire".

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