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You can also apply to become a Premium startup with a large booth.

Third picture: Luca Tschudin from working bicycle uses his time to pitch his startup to the particpants.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people socializing and having a good time...

My only marriage was a relationship of over 30 years, resulting in an incredible daughter and son, both adults now.

At the beginning of the evening, each startup gets a chance to present a 30-second pitch.

You get the chance to expose your enterprise, project or idea in a 30 second pitch to highly skilled, carefully selected candidates.

The price ranges for participation will be announced soon.

You’ll find a detailed explanation in the application form.

I smirked looking the picture of Alexis she had sent me her hair was froed out like perfect 80's style crimped and all and she thought it was funny I thought it was adorable thank god she had that genetic mutation or she wouldn't have shown up in the picture "SON!

" I groaned looking at my door I got up tucking my phone into my pocket I walked into the living room seeing mum and dad standing there "Yes dad?

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