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We now have to get the machine back and call Sophos and ask whys the problem now(this happened to three different machines, three times in a row with all the same failure). They state this is expected behavior for their products.I can confirm this because when we updated our Sophos MDM server, they failed to tell us that some phones wont take it well and break. Now this may be way more than you are wanting and part of this is probably a rant as I am always running around putting our Sophos fires.Overall we've not had any issues with Sophos screwing up user computers.There is a lot of "holy shit that is stupid as heck" stuff with administration in the Enterprise Console.I believe the "Enterprise Console" is the older AV product they have and "Sophos Central" is their new one.Enterprise console is on prem only and the Sophos Central is cloud only. We have many Sophos products in my enviroment, including Sophos Central AND Enterprise console. I used to think they were great, but once I started working with their product, it has made have strong negative feelings towards them.

It gave us a good overview, but some commands didnt work well, such as updating the machine. It has taken the burden of having to plan updates for the AV as it auto updates itself (you can turn this off, which I do advise to do so).So we plan to have each user come into their local office for their update.Keep in mind I was not able to fully test this before working this as none of these machines were local.On the flip side, Intercept X is strictly a Sophos Central product.The equivalent version that works with Enterprise Console is e Xploit Prevention add-on.

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