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Instead, it turns into a tepid horror cliche of disappearing objects and phones without signal.

“The Open House” won’t change someone’s perspective of an actual open house, and it definitely won’t make someone anxiously question the perils of one.

They don’t tie up loose ends and instead become purposeless, making the film conclude with no efficacious character development or wholesome closure.

Even his father’s death is an impassive and hackeyened plot point, only serving to corner the two protagonists in an empty nowhere.

When the two arrive at an unnamed and thinly populated town, they immediately sense the unsettling atmosphere. On the Sunday of their temporary home’s open house, they allow potential buyers to inspect the residence and leave the place unattended.

CAST: Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Martin Mull STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/3 Arts Entertainment/Gettin’ Rad Productions TEAM: Tom Gormican (w, ep), Kevin Etten (ep, sr), Oly Obst (ep), Craig Robinson (ep), Adam Scott (ep), Naomi Scott (ep), Jonathan Krisel (d) LOGLINE: Follows a cynical skeptic and a genius “true believer” in the paranormal who are recruited by the Bureau Underground to look into the rampant “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles – all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race.

He’s merely some guy who has a propensity for visiting open houses and killing their owners.

So, really, he’s ruining the realtors, who are trying desperately to make a sale.

CAST: Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Adeel Akhtar, Ally Walker, Edi Patterson STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/Gary Sanchez Productions TEAM: Lon Zimmet (w, ep), Will Ferrell (ep), Adam Mc Kay (ep), Chris Henchy (ep), Owen Burke (ep), Steve Levitan (d, ep) LOGLINE: Set on the Friday night flight from LAX to Vegas and the returning flight on Sunday, it follows a group of underdogs trying to find their place in the world who all share the same goal: to come back a winner in the casino of life.

CAST: Kim Matula, Ed Weeks, Nathan Lee Graham, Olivia Macklin, Peter Stormare, Dylan Mc Dermott STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television/Kat Co./Kapital Entertainment TEAM: Geoff Barbanell (w, ep), Itai Grunfeld (w, ep), Aaron Kaplan (ep), Tracy Katsky (ep), Dana Honor (ep), Mark Buckland (d) LOGLINE: All it takes is one bad decision to throw Linda from HR’s monotonous, unfulfilled life into an exciting but dangerous tailspin of balancing work life, home life and a secret that could unravel everything.

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