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Cast and crew lodged in Lone Pine, and Walsh shot various scenes in and around Lone Pine. Walsh ordered all the big boulders removed from the path of [Bogart's] final fall, but the little ones remained, and Bogart complained about that plenty ...For the film's mountain chase scenes, Walsh took everyone to nearby Mt. Bogie especially did not want to trek up that mountain.From possible choices of urban, rural, and frontier, the Census Bureau identifies this area as "frontier". They reportedly reached the summit at noon on August 18, 1873, starting from Kern Canyon, where they had gone for a fishing trip.The local hospital, Southern Inyo Hospital, offers standby emergency services. Whitney on September 19, 1873, only one month after the actual first ascent was made by three residents of Lone Pine: Charles Begole, J J. The trail was engineered by Lone Pine resident Gustave F. The lower portion of the trail from Lone Pine to Whitney Portal was named a National Historic Trail by the Smithsonian Institution.As the crow flies, Lone Pine is 95 miles due east of Fresno.However, there is no road crossing the Sierra Nevada to provide access from Lone Pine to Fresno.Whitney, where pack mules lugged camera equipment up the mountainside: "filming began just outside Lone Pine ... This was the shoot on which Walsh gave him the nickname 'Bogey the Beefer'".Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, President Roosevelt signed an executive order that required people of Japanese ancestry living along the Pacific coast to be placed into relocation camps.

In 1883, the Carson and Colorado Railway line was constructed from Belleville, Nevada, across the White Mountains to Benton, and then down into the Owens Valley where it ended in Keeler.Lone Pine and most of the Owens Valley have a high desert climate characterised by hot summers and cold winters.January temperatures range from the middle fifties to the upper twenties.Their unique appearance has attracted many film companies over the years.The hills were named in 1862 by Southern sympathisers, commemorating the victories of the Confederate ship CSS Alabama.

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As a result, the closest accessible large city is Bakersfield, nearly 170 miles away.

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