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Stacey Belford, 35, was among the young women whose allegations against Stair led to criminal charges in 2002.

At one point, Stair’s sermons were being broadcast across 120 stations and attracting letters of support from people in 192 countries, The Post and Courier reported in 2007.

That same year, a Colleton County jury awarded more than 1,000 to a group of defectors who sued Stair alleging he’d misled them about how their donations would be used. Supreme Court later reversed the trial court decision, stating that “as reprehensible as R. Stair's misconduct (financial and otherwise) may be,” the plaintiffs could not recover unrestricted gifts donated to a church.

The defectors said they were told their contributions would help fund Stair’s radio program but later discovered he had used some of the money for personal expenses, including attorney fees in the 2002 sex assault case. The preacher, a lanky man with a white beard and a striking, high-pitched voice, delivers exuberant sermons that stretch on for hours. All we do is live on a community,” Stair said during an October service that Overcomer Ministry posted on You Tube.

Your life will be here on the farm until Jesus comes,” it reads.

During his sermons, Stair occasionally draws attention to specific parishioners, such as Craig Mack, a former rapper with the Bad Boy Records label whose 1994 single “Flava in Ya Ear” earned a Grammy nomination.

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His weekly Sabbath preachings often meander from religion to current events to outsiders’ opinions of his ministry.“They call us a cult. “We’re striving to live in unity.”A brochure for prospective church members makes it clear: the world outside the walls of Overcomer Ministry may as well not exist.

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