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They need time to play together, learn the systems, and get through the growing pains.

If they had gotten stuck with Northwestern or someone of that ilk in the Gavitt Games, then it’s a different story.

The three semi-unknowns will be a part of the Myrtle Beach Invitational in late November.

The opponents at the tournament will be out of the pool of Baylor, Coastal Carolina (host), Middle Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ohio, Tulane, and Utah.

As for the final unknown opponent, my guess is this will be another “warm-up” game early in the season.

Wright has a young team and they will have plenty of non-conference tests between Ohio State, Kansas, UConn, and the MBI.

This is almost certainly by design to heighten the drama.This will likely be a lower tier opponent, so Villanova’s best chance at another ranked opponent from this field will be Baylor.Other schools that could crack the Top 25 sometime next season would be Mississippi State and Utah.YOU ARE READING Romance "I left 7 years ago, and I can leave again.You can't stop me." "Actually, I can." Teeth sink into my neck. ________________________________ When Poppy graduated from high school, she was accepted into a big school in Ne...

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