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Tinder is the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. Moment is a new way to express yourself and share with friends.Ikaw lang, (Pangako)Sa iyong mga mata nasisilip ko ang langit Pagkat ikaw ang anghel na sa aki’y pinakamalapit Sa mapulang labi mo’y nakakatuksong humalik Lapit ka ng lapit, Ang titig sa pisngi, ayaw mapapikit, Andito na ang iyong sandalang balikat Sa iyong luha, ako ang sasalo ng lahat Napakaganda mo para saktan, hindi kita matitiis Parang mababasagin kagamitan, porselana, tulad ng ‘yong kutis Kapag nasisilayan kong Labi, may taglay na ngiti Kalungkotan ko ay napawi, Limot ko na ang pighati Wala akong minamadali, pagkat atin ang sandali Kaylangan ko pa bang bumawi? After an arguement with her b Oyfriend, Zack, Mia j Oins an Online chat r Oom where she meets Chad. She's the highschool babe, that every guy falls f Or.We are engaged and everyday is so very happy, it's unbelievable but it's true, just never thought it could happen to me. Beautiful poem, I met my fiance on the net and he stole my heart away. poem is absolutly beautiful as i could relate to every word that was written on the screen and given me the inspiration to write my own about my love that i also meet on the internet thank you for teh oportunity to read these lovely wordsomg this was so omg ok i so fell in love the same way sept it was on aim and omg i was omg so touched when i read this i feel like cryin i thought i was the only 1 that felt this way i'm crying omg thanxz so much!

Charming, sensitive and so debonair, I strongly resisted it go anywhere. But doves and butterflies flew into our lives, Carrying messages we could not deny.My love bijan who I met in 2004 in a chatroom,ever since I saw him he took away my heart and forever him to have.Bijan no matter were you go or were you are I will alyways have you in my life.hen two people communicate, love can happen anywhere, anytime, and often unexpectedly. But letters and stories captured my heart, Filled me with passion almost from the start. Each person has meaning and love to express, And we could deny our hearts nothing less.The Internet only opens a new setting for an old drama. n0t 0nly is this poem c0ming fr0m the heart but it realtes t0 s0 many ppl. I have gone thr0 ds0 much with the l0ve that I feel f0r my spaecil l0ve kn0wning it can never. It's a beautiful love that has grown between us, Something beyond any words we discuss.

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