Questions to ask women on dating sites

Are there any specific issues in your relationship that you would like to fix?These questions will help you get a sense of how your partner thinks your relationship is going and if any concerns are present.Awareness makes all the difference, especially if you’re contemplating serious milestones, such as cohabitation, engagement, marriage, and/or child-bearing.If you’re considering getting more serious with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are wondering what to ask and how to ask, this guide is for you.

) allows you to determine if your growing relationship can go the distance.

Other important related topics may include how boundaries will be set with family, friends and work, as well as how time will be balanced and how often dates will be scheduled.

For instance, if your partner is set on spending every Thanksgiving with his family, and you’re committed to spending it with yours, addressing these differences and working to compromise early on is key to your relationship surviving.

Be sure to discuss whether your partner is willing to go to individual or couples therapy.

This question can lead to a variety of topics such as the division of chores and responsibilities, expectations around individuality (independence, separateness and space within the relationship) and being a couple, and what kind of emotional support your partner is looking for.

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If you’re not on the same page about having kids, this may or may not be a deal-breaker.

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