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But like I always say, you can’t change what someone is attracted to, so why not just help them find what they like?

The guy was a complete idiot in my opinion, and should never be hired to help anybody get a date.

Asking a pickup artist about dating is like asking a car salesman how to repair the transmission in my car.

The salesman and mechanic may both work with cars and may very well be excellent at what they do, but the two are not the same.

They may not be great at helping you find a woman or get a date, but they can definitely help you improve or save a current relationship.

Most people will go to a relationship expert when they are about to get divorced or break up, but I believe that a relationship expert can help improve a current relationship and help create a better path of communication.

One thing he did wrong was give way too many compliments.

He should have talked about fun topics and showed a sense of humor, but he was scared that anything he said would offend her or put her off, so he’d stick to boring subjects like his job or ask her tons of questions as if he were conducting an interview.

The answer is simple: ordinary people don’t know the difference. We will start with the pick-up artist, seeing as they are the ones who focus on the meeting stage, are newest on the scene, and surrounded by the most controversy.Every week, there seems to be a new expert popping out of the woodwork claiming that their method is the best.There was once even a show where a guy yelled at women like a drill sergeant, telling them if they didn’t listen to him, they’d be single forever.If you had ever seen the show “The Pick-up Artist” that was on VH1, you’d think these guys were only out for one thing, and one thing only: SEX.Many experts and media types are quick to bash these guys.

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In fact, everything you would do for a woman in a long term relationship, you should never do when trying to get a date.

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