Problems updating peerguardian 2

I also added a new separate criticisms section based on general blocklist issues, rather than the application itself (ie. any comments or further info appreciated Cubrilovic (talk) , 5 February 2009 (UTC) Updating with information regarding BF2 and HL: Source games not working with Peer Guardian 2. The servers of games companies are blanket blocked to avoid issues related to DRM and numerous anti-piracy measures from these companies.While I'm not impartial here, from npov this is an invalid criticism since this is what PG is DESIGNED to do.The desire to play legitimate games far exceeds that of software piracy.

i belive this is either an error in the website it self (where the lists are kept) or where PG is trying to get the lists from (wrong URL) i went to a couple of the lists in my browser, and they give me a 404 message. If you wish to hear exactly the same argument again you can post on the forums about it.I'm trying incredibly hard to keep this article accurate and comprehensive, and I am actually setting out the largest section of the article to the analysis of criticism of it.I tryed completely reinstalling PG, with no success and now i am missing 4 lists. Hello, I am kidcash from the Phoenixlabs PG2 Forums.

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