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In this case, larger the overhead, more corrupt bits the algorithm can correct.There is also an option to select between explicit and implicit header mode which decides whether the transmitted packet includes information about its length, its FEC rate, and whether it includes a CRC or not.In principle, all that needs to be done to establish a simple link is interconnecting the Lo Ra module with a microcontroller via an SPI interface, configuring the transmit frequency and specific modulation parameters, and then simply feeding the module packets of data.The IC does all the encoding and modulating on its own.The equations can be found in the IC's datasheet, and the bit rate value is valid for a 255 byte packet (one SSDV packet for example).Since this is not actual bit rate, but a value derived from time on air of such packet divided by the size of only the payload data, the effective bit rate decreases with less data sent by the user.

The table above summarizes the parameters of individual modes and provides a calculation of an effective bit rate.From the bottom up: the slowest Mode 0, then Mode 1, all the way to a very fast and quite faint Mode 9. Comparing Semtech's and Hope RF's datasheets, it seems that the modules simply use the Semtech's SX127x ICs while mainly providing the external filtering and impedance matching for a specific frequency band.I also designed simple adapter boards which now host my modules.Bandwidth sets the amount of occupied spectrum by the modulation.It ranges from 7.8k Hz to 500k Hz with higher bandwidths increasing the data rate.

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This blog post now summarizes what I eventually came up with.

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