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Interpretation comes from a deepening ability to look into the score and see a distillation of the composer's wishes.I rely heavily on the director and the conductor to aid me in successfully and clearly showcasing the dramatic and musical arcs of the character.One factor is the color and temperament of my voice.For each of us performers, our instruments carry distinct aural—and, I hope, emotional—impact.

I had the great privilege of working with Tomer, and I found the experience to be extremely rewarding. I apologize for not posting for a couple of months — we had quite a grim stretch here at Fort Piper. But just as we were about to give up hope, Dinesh discovered an uptick in new users!Things seemed to be trending up, but then as most inexplicably good things turn out to be, it was an attack.But what Gavin didn’t know was that Dinesh and I were working on reinforcing the ramparts of Fort Piper with Colin and his arsenal of instant downloads. Now that the battle is over and the ugliness of the 51% attack is behind us, we look to the future.Colin’s users came charging across the battlefield and, just in time, beat back Gavin! The Piper Gang has proven its resilience, and earned a place at the Valley’s table.

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