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Welcome to Corps Social – the dating and friendship website where Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Ameri Corps Alums, Teach for America alumni, former UN Volunteers and other like-minded people come to chat, meet and date.

With Corps Social you can meet someone who shares your altruism and your sense of adventure, someone who can relate to your service and your openness to new experiences.

“The Black Hills South Dakota group has all of three people, but somebody created the group and now they can meet others in their area, no matter how remote.” “We went from zero to 10,000 members our first year–proof that people really wanted this way to interact with other peace corps people.

She explains why they started their NING community, “Before our NING community, RPCVs were scattered all over the world and were hard to find.

Even online there was no single place where volunteers could get together.” “We were looking for a way to create this virtual place.

As a non-profit, we didn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a custom platform–and didn’t have to, because NING gave us the power to build the place we envisioned.

Burman says focus is vital, “Our community is diverse – but it’s all about one thing.”It’s not enough to know your community, you have to be part of it–then you can be helpful in a way someone from the outside couldn’t be.

Burman’s advice, “In a way it’s like hosting a cocktail party.

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Berman says, “While Facebook was good for us at the beginning, now it feels like fewer and fewer people are seeing our content.

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