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By Jennifer Loughlin and Andrea Taylor-Butts Growing access to technology may increase the risk of online sexual exploitation of children and youth Police-reported data from 20 show few incidents of child luring Trend data show a rise in police-reported incidents of child luring Police clearance rates for child luring incidents have declined Men aged 18 to 34 represented the majority of people accused of child luring in 20 Most criminal court cases involving a luring offence also involved other charges Most court cases involving a luring charge result in a finding of guilt Summary Detailed data table References Notes The Internet is a virtual world filled with an abundance of information and endless sources of entertainment.While an extraordinary tool, the Internet comes with risks.

For example, less than 10% of American children and youth sexually solicited over the Internet in 2005 reported the incident to law enforcement authorities, Internet service providers, or some other authority; reporting was even less likely for unwanted exposure to sexual material (Wolak , 2006).

GENERAL INFORMATION & SUPPORT someone discloses to us that they have been sexually assaulted, it can be really overwhelming. Sexual assault centres provide support for survivors of sexual violence, including recent sexual assault, past sexual assault, sexual harassment and childhood sexual abuse.

We are concerned for their wellbeing and want to support them, but often don't know how. Services include: Pour le support francophone aux femmes victimes d'agression sexuelle, se il vous plaît visitez (for French-language support to women victims of sexual assault, please visit): Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes.

Fem'aide focuses its assistance to women who have experienced violence in an intimate relationship or of sexual assault.

Talk4Healing is available to all Aboriginal women living in urban, rural and remote communities, both on and off reserve, throughout Northern Ontario.

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