Online dating doesnt work

Everyone has a "grass is greener" mentality because of the overwhelming number of options so everyone is searching for the most optimal choice.

Of course, in doing so they are passing by many quality choices. But I really think this 'perfect yourself as a human' ask for nothing, expect nothing - zen bullshit needs to stop.

The problem isn't with you folks, the problem is with Online Dating population.

Sure you can fine 1 decent woman on there, but chances are she will also be somewhat Shallow and Ghost you somewhere down the road, which is a pretty big thing on this type of sites.

One of those "perfect is the enemy of good" dilemmas. I'm an average looking guy in his thirties, who has had (by the standards of reddit) a ridiculous amount of success on dating sites (ok cupid and tinder). Absolutely, anyone who needs therapy (which is pretty much everyone) should get it.

Internalizing this truth leaves you free to focus on yourself and not waste any time or energy on people who don't.Online dating is just the latest iteration and it won't be the last.Romance has always been a numbers game (as in, getting the largest sample size in which to render the highest ratio of compatibility).That will either making it clear right off the bat, or try to lick you on dates (been there, creepy as fuck).So when it comes to Online Dating it's a whole world of Hit and Miss, and some people get their confidence Nuked by Online Dating sites as they believe there is something wrong with them, well fuck.

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