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On bigger beaches, thrill-seekers can entertain themselves with sea activities like wakeboarding or parasailing.

Even just lying on the soft sand or unusual star-shaped sand in Taketomi island’s Kaiji beach and Iriomote’s Hoshizuna beach and taking occasional dips in the waters is a satisfying way to enjoy Okinawa’s world-class beaches and ocean. Island lovers are spoilt for choices as many outer islands are accessible from the main island via car, ferry and even planes.

Situated near the island’s southern tip, Peace Memorial Park provides a sober but informative look at the devastating effects of the war and the impact on innocent Okinawans.

The striking "Cornerstone of Peace" exhibits the names of war casualties to remember them and pray for peace.

Far-flung islands like Miyako or Daito islands are worth the flights not just for their sparkling oceans but also unique island culture.Check the calendar when you are visiting and participate in a local festival to experience the real Okinawa!Surrounded by beautiful coastline in the northern part of Okinawa’s mainland, Ocean Expo Park is filled with attractions for a fulfilling day trip.Okinawa’s subtropical climate and picturesque coastlines make it an amazing summer destination.Multi-coloured coral reefs surround most islands especially the well-known diving spots around Miyako and Yaeyama islands.

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