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But I'm still not letting you do that shoot." You leaned over and kissed him, "Don't worry Princeton. Plus-" you winked," you can help me take it off later." Roc: Roc obviously liked you. I didn't know that Jealousy was a drink." "It's not." His eyebrow furrowed "Then why are you brewing it?

He turned around,spun you around,and dipped you with your leg around his waist. MB Imagine You hang out with another member and he gets jealous: Prince: You were Princeton's girlfriend, and a solo artist. Of course, until he saw what they had dressed you in on set: leather pants, a tie shirt that stopped at your midriff, high, black Lou' s, and gold hoops. You're manager thought it would be good for you do a song with a rapper, so of course you were going to choose Roc, the rapper of Mindless Behavior. He taught me how to tango-" "Girl." Prince interrupted," You can't tango." "Oh. You don't see me laughing at you doing 'black' moves, do ya? "Let's do it." You took Princeton's hand and led him to the center of the floor. You and Princeton swayed to the music, "Alright, YN. "Prod taught me that." You giggled, "He taught me that to. It's takes two to tango- literally." You grabbed your i Pod and turned on your music.

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