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If you discount the creeps and grandparent demographics it's much more like 25/75 in the guys favor.

Dancing is extremely personal, and you WILL talk with your partner, conversation is light, and sometimes flirty.

Also, if you’re a little shy, don’t worry, these are the EASIEST people to talk to. it’s amazing how you can take any subjet, let’s say “fishing”, go to google, type “fishing forum san diego” and you’ll find a whole community of people interested in that.

You can go to a forum around something you love, start sharing your opinions on topics and then send private messages to some people you want to meet. But you can just start talking to someone at the bar, guy or girl.

I Dare you not to find something that suits you in the list below.

To get the most out of this article, pick just five ideas that you’re most excited about.

You will be bad right away, but this works in your favor, people will jump at the chance to build you up, because they WANT you to come back, they WANT you to get better.

If you're like me it's hard to remember names, but try your best, it's very flattering if your second or third time out, you can ask someone to dance by name, that is, if they aren't asking you to dance.

I never want to do anything because I don't see the point of going outside because I never meet anyone when I'm by myself. If you go to a gym that offers classes, go to some of them.I want a reason to go out into the world, but when I do I feel it's hard to just chat up people when I go to a place like Starbucks.Where is a place where people go by themselves and don't mind being chatted up?You probably shouldn't bother people who are working out individually, but classes are very conducive to conversation.People also tend to go at the same classes each week, so you'll run into regulars making it easier to start a conversation. I'm a group fitness instructor and I've watched so many friendships form in my classes, I didn't even realize how great an environment it is to meet people until I started teaching and observing patrons.

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These are great, I went to hundreds of events like them.

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