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Illegally streaming copyrighted material is covered under the Copyright Act of 1976, and allows for people caught pirating content to be fined anywhere between 0 to ,000 per copyrighted work.And while this usually involves settlements and other deals worked out—along with a strike system that usually lets people stop pirating before they get fined officially—there are plenty of legal examples of pirates going bankrupt when caught with their hands in the cookie jar.There are torrenting sites that provide access to commercial movies and TV shows for free, but there come a ton of legal and ethical problems when looking for free streaming movies online.

But what if you had an infinite number of credit cards? A virtual credit card number is indistinguishable from a regular card number, but it is temporary, with its own expiration date and CVV code, and points to an existing real credit card.

So for example, someone wanting to buy something from Amazon could register their virtual card number on the site and make a purchase, but Amazon would have no record of their real credit card number – just the virtual number. This is unethical behavior; we are taking advantage of the subscription service’s desire to give people a chance to preview their service in order to get that service without paying for it.

If the Mad Hacking Bandit steals Amazon’s entire database, all he or she has access to is your virtual card – the one that you set to expire the day after you made your purchase. Since you have an endless supply of credit card numbers, you can continue doing this for as many months as you want the subscription service. So, decide if you can live with yourself or not before taking this route. The main one is that you’re going to lose all your watched-show history, because you’re creating a “new” account every time.

And of course, you always run the risk that Hulu or Netflix or whoever will get wise to your shenanigans and cut you off. While might seem like a strange place to head to for free movie streams, the site has become the home of plenty of classic films, including, most notably, , the original 1968 horror classic.

You can find a ton of content here, both from users and established filmmakers, with a library reaching over three million videos altogether.

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All of those films are notable and worth watching in some way, and while they are certainly older films, that shouldn’t put off anyone looking for some lost classics or to find something new they’ve never seen before.

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