Local housing allowance backdating

There are a few exceptions to this and you may be able to get extra help if: Apply for Housing Benefit for 2 properties (PDF, 375KB).You may get Housing Benefit if you have left your former home and are staying away because of violence or fear of violence.We cannot pay into Post Office accounts or Building Society accounts.Payments are made directly to tenants every 2 weeks in arrears, and to Landlords every 4 weeks in arrears.Mae'r rhif ffôn hwn ar gyfer argyfwng ac mae ar gael ar ôl pm a hyd at am ar ddiwrnodau gwaith, ac ar ddydd Sadwrn, dydd Sul a Gŵyl Banc.

If you wish you can have payments made directly to your Landlord.

Housing Benefit may be paid for up to 4 weeks on your old home.

For this to be considered you must have moved to your new home.

In certain circumstances you can get housing benefit when you are abroad for a longer period, for example up to: You can get housing benefit for up to 52 weeks if you are on bail or in prison on remand.

If you have been sentenced and are in prison, you can only get housing benefit for up to 13 weeks.

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If you have moved to a new home, which you rent, and still have to pay rent on your old home you may be able to get some help.

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