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Whereas Cameron’s mother Lauren London is a model, television personality and an actress.Born on the 9th of September, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, Cameron Carter has got a good relationship with both of his parents.Lil Wayne’s first child (and only daughter), Reginae Carter was born on November 28, 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky and is 17 years old —only one year older than Lil Wayne was when she was born!

Carter has three half-siblings, Dwayne Michael Carter III, Cameron Carter, and Neal Carter.

Reginae Carter is named after Lil Wayne’s stepfather Reginald.

Her parents got married in 2004, however, the pair divorced in 2006.

On Cameron Carter’s 6th birthday, his father Lil Wayne took him to a Fancy Japanese Restaurant called Once during a rare occasion, Lil Wayne’s son Cameron Carter was seen with him at the Lakers game. From that, we can clearly see how strong bond the father-son duo has.

Like her second son Kross Asghedom, Lauren also tends to keep her elder son Cameron away from the media limelight. Even if she does, Lauren makes sure that the face is unrevealed. He tends to keep his children away from the spotlight.

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