Legal dating ages in new york

There is also a "close in age" exception for 12 and 13 year olds.A 12 or 13 year old can consent to sexual activity with a partner as long as the partner is less than two years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person.Enter a sexual relationship with a subordinate, even when the activity is initiated by the subordinated, is unprincipled due to the subordinate’s susceptibility to the other and the dissimilarity of power that typifies the affiliation.

Anyone could be charged initially with this offense, and it isn’t always a degenerate or pervert that gets snared on this issue.

The only way to win a case is to act intelligently at the onset.

If you have been accused or charged with sexual misconduct call our law offices today to speak to an attorney.

Unfortunately, many people are wrongly arrested on sexual misconduct, and are innocent.

This is an especially crucial time to confer with counsel before saying anything to the police.

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