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In the coastal desert the sand is sometimes windblown into sculptural forms.Hills and mountains that rise from the sands are bare, but scrub growth may dot the pale valleys.

Sunken gardens can be developed where there is groundwater; sometimes wells are dug; and occasionally there is a lagoon.The landscape changes slightly in some areas but remains stark.Where the desert is crossed by rivers flowing from the highlands, water permits irrigation and crop cultivation, and the sands are slashed with patches of green.During winter (July-August), certain areas of the coast, especially upper slopes (250–800 m) near the sea, are enveloped by sea fogs that precipitate enough moisture to sustain seasonal plants; in very moist years these lomas support cultivated crops.In the past, guanacos—wild camelids, relatives of the llama—grazed and were hunted on lomas.

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