Invalidating someones truth

etrayal is one of the hardest and most humbling parts of the human experience.Whether you’re betrayed by a friend or a lover, getting deceived by the ones we care about most is a hard pill to swallow, and an even harder obstacle to overcome.Betrayal can take place in a number of different ways, and in any interpersonal relationship where two or more parties find themselves sharing secrets, confidences or a certain level of mutual respect of trust.

There are an array of abusive and controlling behaviors that also double as outright betrayals of the trust and understanding that should come naturally with any healthy relationship.

Part of avoiding betrayal is knowing what betrayal looks like, but it can take place on a number of different levels, in a number of differeny ways.

If you’ve betrayed someone’s trust, the first step in getting back is not only knowing what betrayal is; it’s also about learning how to spot betrayals before you fall into their traps.

Emotional affairs are betrayals that take place without sexual infidelity.

These affairs can be both brief or longterm, but they are especially damaging because of their complex nature.

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