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It’s a very traditional food that’s sort of fallen by the wayside recently; younger generations might eat it once or twice in their lives as a novelty, and even hardcore traditionalists suck it down as fast as possible, presumably because fermented fish guts tastes about as good as it sounds.Balut We’ve already talked about the balut of the Philippines.These dishes run the gamut from super spicy to super sweet, may have gooey but oddly pleasant textures, or may come from some animal you’ve never heard of.Most of the time, while exotic and possibly a little off-putting in appearance, these quirky dishes taste great.Hachinoko In Japan, you can enjoy these stewed bee larvae that, like most cooked insects, are a combination of crunchy, chewy and repulsive to the eye.Bugs in general tend to be an acquired taste, but the small size and lack of gangly insect limbs make hachinoko a good gateway bug for adventurous eaters.

Live Octopus This already pretty famous dish served in Korea comes in one of two forms: whole and chopped up.Bird’s Nest Soup Tourists can enjoy a heaping helping of bird saliva for extravagant prices in parts of China.The soup is made from swiftlet nests, which are literally just big balls of the bird’s spit that hardens over time.Ant Egg Soup Available in several East Asian countries like Vietnam, ant eggs are supposedly similar to caviar in a lot of ways, in that they pop in your mouth.Unlike caviar, which tends to be pretty salty, these white ant eggs flood your palate with a sour taste as you bite into them.

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