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Thanks to advances in communication technology, and with so many people relocating from their native lands, the lines of culture have somewhat blurred as various groups of people intermingle.

Intercultural dating can involve interracial couples, although this is not always the case.

Successful couples also tend to demonstrate mutual adjustment and an understanding that cultural differences matter more to those around them than to themselves.

Even if an intercultural relationship appears complex to outsiders, it may offer rich rewards to its participants.

If you are interested in dating someone whose cultural background does not match your own, take some time to learn about intercultural pairings.

Some cultures give rise to more challenges when it comes to intercultural dating.

For instance, in many Asian cultures, parents tend to hold firm opinions on who their children should date, according to Anita Malik, editor of "East West Magazine," in an interview for an NPR segment entitled "Intercultural Relationships: Can They Work?

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