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The QML Text Input and Text Field types have similar support for input masks as the QLine Input widget.Text Input is a QML type built in to Qt Quick (available when you import Qt Quick) and Text Field is a more sophisticated type that is included as part of the Qt Quick Controls 2.In a previous blog post I described how to use Qt's facility for input masks and validators in widget-based applications.In this installment I'll look at the corresponding support in QML.Mask Type and Mask Expression The Repository Item Text Edit. Mask property provides access to a Mask Properties class instance that specifies an input mask.

Both Text Input and Text Field support an input Mask property of type string.

Different masks on different sites sometimes work differently, such that their behavior unpredictable and it actually makes me take more time to type out information because I have to be careful that it doesn't mess it up.

For example, some of them automatically go to the next tab index for you, while some don't (and don't get me started on trying to delete/replace characters).

If the right-hand expression is omitted, the editor does not allow users to enter negative values.

The left-hand expression specifies the mask for positive values; right-hand - for negative values.

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The table below contains input masks that correspond to the standard patterns. For example, the same input mask specifies different patterns in the USA and France (the currency symbol, the thousand separator, the precision, etc.). If the precision specifier is omitted, the mask uses the culture's System. If the precision specifier is omitted, the mask uses the culture's System.

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